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Cloud 9 Doggy Daycare was developed after visiting many boarding and daycare facilities for dogs and were unable to find one where I felt comfortable leaving my small dogs. I wanted them to have human companionship, other small dogs to play with, a secure outdoor area, and their own comfortable beds to sleep in at night. I wanted a place my dogs could become familiar with on a daycare basis before leaving them for sleepovers. I wanted them brushed, their eyes cleaned and the good training I provided at home to be reinforced. Cloud 9 Doggy Daycare was established to meet the special needs of small dogs and their guardians - like me.



RachelleRachelle grew up with and is comfortable with all sizes and types of dogs; has been guardian and trainer to hundreds of dogs over the years. Rachelle has a special way of understanding each dog's needs, recognizes temperaments and, with a loving firm hand, is able to put the appropriate training into practice. Rachelle is an accredited Canine Master Trainer with an additional certification in CKC Obedience and Kennel Management. Rachelle operates a successful school of learning: Okanagan Canine Training Services in partnership with Cloud 9 doggy daycare. Rachelle oversees the daycare dogs, facilitates activities and reinforces previous training. She also offers one-on-one and group training sessions, as well as assessing and addressing behavioural issues. Rachelle holds a certificate in pet first aid.

The family has two dogs, "Max", an eleven year old Shih Tzu, and Rachelle's demo dog "Liebe", a four year old Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross. Liebe has completed CKC Advanced level of Obedience, Agility, Utility, Scent Detection, Narcotics Detection, Agitation and Tracking. Since opening Cloud 9, Rachelle rescued PeeWee a seven year old Chihuahua. Making it 3 dogs now!!

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