Health and Safety

Dogs are only admitted to Cloud 9 upon proof of all current vaccinations and a thorough temperament assessment conducted by Master Trainer Rachelle. We want to ensure each dog is healthy and happy in our environment and placed with the most compatible group of dogs so we need to get to know each of them. There isn’t a weight limit to include or exclude dogs; entrance is based on temperament and suitability.

Our facility is sanitized daily with pet-friendly products. Constant monitoring ensures quick clean-up of indoor accidents and outdoor eliminations.

Food (you provide) and fresh water is served in sanitized dishes.

We check paws, eyes, ears, nails, body and coat condition during brushing sessions.  Any health concerns will be brought to your attention.  We care about your dogs and want what's best for them!

A dog first aid kit is fully stocked and readily available to deal with minor emergencies. Staff is dog first aid trained. We will ensure your dog gets the care it needs in an emergency and make every effort to reach you if we think your dog needs to be seen by a veterinarian.

Only a pre-determined list of people are allowed to pick up your dog.

Please keep your dog on leash during check in and check out. We have a three-gate security system to ensure dogs do not run out into the parking area.